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Mobile Ultrasound Services

Advanced Patient Imaging is committed to providing the best possible vascular ultrasound service in the most comfortable environment to patients in the Greater Cincinnati Area. We would like to work with you as an outsourcing resource to help meet your needs for advanced vascular ultrasound imaging. We offer in-house vascular ultrasound in our conveniently located office in the Eastgate area or we can bring our ultrasound service to you.

How Will Ultrasound Benefit My Practice?


You are saving your patients time and money by adding ultrasound service to your practice. They no longer have to schedule an exam with a hospital, wait for an opening, sit for hours in a congested waiting room or exam room when the hospital staff runs behind, or wait up to two weeks for results.  Additionally, your patient will pay more out-of-pocket for ultrasound services at a hospital due their excessive charges and hidden fees.  We eliminate all of this by performing the exam in your office. 


You also maintain more control over the care of your patient. You will have the opportunity to observe the exam as it is performed and instruct the patient to perform specific movements to pinpoint abnormalities if needed. You will also receive results within 48 hours from a board certified Radiologist or Vascular Surgeon. You can increase your profitability while providing a valuable service to your patients in an atmosphere they are most comfortable in, your office.

Is There Any Cost To Me?

No. There is no upfront cost, need to purchase equipment or hire additional staff. We bring portable ultrasound and doppler equipment to your office and perform all the exams. We use a cloud-based PACS and EMR systems to store images and generate reports. You will receive web access to view the images and reports of the exams you have ordered. We work hand-in-hand with the patient and provider to ensure a caring, positive experience and timely, accurate results.


Establishing Mobile Ultrasound Service Is Easy

We would like to work with you as an outsourcing resource to help meet your needs for advanced vascular ultrasound imaging.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your potential exam requirements and client mix. We will assist you in determining the most beneficial plan for your practice, select your days and time slots for each month and implement service based on your ultrasound requirements. 


How It Works


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  • How To Add Ultrasound To Your Practice

      Meet with a representitve from Advanced Patient Imaging to answer questions you may have and discuss your potential exam types and payer mix.

      Review various options for service with your API representive based on your specific revenue potential and requirments.

      Your API representive can provide recommendations on the most financially beneficial plan for your practice.

      Select your days of service and time slots based on your schedule.

      Increase patient care and start earning additional revenue almost immediately!


Mobile Ultrasound For Your Practice

We utilize the G.E. Vivid i cardiovascular ultrasound system designed with the functionality and performance of high-end ultrasound systems in a completely portable design.

ultrasound machine

We can perform robust diagnostic exams while achieving comprehensive, real-time diagnostic results—in any clinical environment.


  • You retain control of your patient’s care in the comfort of your office.
  • No upfront capital cost for equipment or need to hire additional staff.
  • Exams are scheduled in predetermined time slots by your staff.
  • We provide a certified ultrasound technologist utilizing modern G.E. equipment.
  • All exams interpreted by independent Radiologist or Cardiologist and you receive the report within 48hrs.
  • Increase patient convenience and decrease multiple co-pays.
  • Increased profitability while providing a valuable service to your patients.

Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment to determine the most beneficial plan based on your ultrasound requirements. 

Email: info@advancedpatientimaging.com

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