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All Inclusive Pricing

Advanced Patient Imaging is the ONLY free standing imaging center offering true price transparency with our all inclusive, fixed pricing.



The cost for a single MRI exam of any kind is $395.00.  This price is all inclusive with no additional fees which include:


General Ultrasound

The cost for a single Ultrasound exam of any kind is $395.00.  This price is all inclusive with no additional fees which include:


Vascular Ultrasound

The cost for a single Ultrasound exam of any kind is $395.00.  This price is all inclusive with no additional fees which include:



The cost for an Echocardiogram exam is $395.00.  This price is all inclusive with no additional fees which includes:


Vascular Screening

The cost for a Vascular Screening exam is $100.00.  This price is all inclusive with no additional fees which includes:

Do You Accept Health Insurance?

Advanced Patient Imaging accepts Anthem BCBS but does not accept or participate in Medicare, Medicaid or any other private insurance program. This is the only reason we can charge what we want instead of what insurance companies require (click here to read more).


For Anthem BCBS patients, the amount you pay will be applied to your in-network deductible and we will file your claim at the time of service.  For all other patients, the amount you pay may be applied toward your deductible based on the terms of your insurance plan but it will be your responsibility to file a claim and follow up with your insurance provider to determine your status once the claim is submitted.

Why Is Anthem BCBS The Only Insurance You Accept?

Starting September 2017, Anthem BSBS began encouraging their members and physician providers to have MRI studies done at free-standing MRI centers rather than at hospital outpatient departments, in an effort to reduce the cost of MRI services.


As Anthem’s new effort seemed to coincide with our business model of delivering high quality MRIs at the lowest price in Ohio, we decided it was time to become a Certified Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield Provider to help support their cost saving efforts by making our MRI services available to all their members.


We are now the lowest priced approved participating MRI service provider in the Anthem BCBS Ohio Network.  If you have Anthem, be sure YOU request API to your doctor or scheduler to receive the guaranteed lowest price for your MRI.

Why Is Payment Due At The Time Of Service?

With the exception of Anthem BCBS, we do not accept payments directly from any other insurance company.  If we did it would dramatically increase our overhead costs and make it impossible to keep our prices the lowest in Cincinnati while passing those savings on to you. This is due to the fact that medical providers contract with insurance companies for "negotiated rates" that they must accept and charge their patients.  Our prices are lower than any negotiated rates offered in the market place (click here to read more).


Payment is due at the time of service.  We accept major credit cards and debit cards as the method of payment. 

Why Should I Pay Upfront If I Have Health Insurance?

Today, individuals and families are increasingly transitioning to a high deductible health plan, either by choice or due to employer options, to lower the monthly cost of their insurance coverage. A high deductible health plan (also known as an HDHP) means exactly what the name implies. You will pay out a high amount of money (deductible) before the insurance plan starts paying for your medical bills.


For example, if you have an individual plan with a deductible of $4,000 and you receive a medical bill in the amount of $1,200 for an MRI, the insurance company will not pay anything until you reach your deductible. Therefore, you will pay the entire amount out-of-pocket.  Would you rather pay $1,200 for an MRI or would you rather pay $395 for an MRI?  In other words, would you like to keep $805 in your pocket or give it to a hospital?  This is a considerable savings by most accounts.  


Keep in mind, if you go to a hospital you will pay an additional fee for the radiologist report at an average cost of $350.  We use the same imaging technology, the same professionally trained staff and board certified radiologist who interprets your exam with no additional cost to you. 


Bottom Line: We lower your out-of-pocket costs compared to any hospital or outpatient diagnostic center...period!  Why pay more?


Be Your Own Patient Advocate

The next time your doctor orders an MRI or Ultrasound you should ask them how much will it cost?  Don’t be surprised if the doctor has no idea. However, they will most likely suggest where you should go and often that is a hospital or outpatient imaging center they are affiliated with. Keep in mind, your doctor is more concerned with the results of the tests they order, not the price.

Bottom Line: You should decide, not your doctor, where you go and who will provide you with the most affordable and professional care.


Being proactive in where you shop for medical care can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Your Right To Know

You have a right to know how much medical testing will cost BEFORE you have it done, not after.  No one would just go to a car dealer and drive off the lot without knowing how much that car cost!  You have to start doing the same with healthcare.

You hear a lot of talk about price transparency in healthcare but rarely know the true cost of any procedure before it’s performed. Price transparency is a cornerstone of our business but don’t take our word for it..look for yourself at Health Cost Connect. http://www.healthcostconnect.com/procedure_list

Skipping Medical Care

The shift to high-deductible health plans are increasing each year. This often requires paying so much out-of-pocket that many feel they must skip or put off medical procedures like diagnostic imaging. Don’t let this happen to you. If your doctor orders an MRI, please call us to schedule your appointment today for a substantial savings!

skip care chart

The average annual deductible for an individual plan is around $4,000 and the average deductible for a family plan is around $7,750, according to a recent report by eHealth- Health Insurance Price Index Report for Open Enrollment and Q1 2014.

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