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Ultrasound and Echocardiogram

Since 2010 Advanced Patient Imaging has been providing high-quality, conservatively-priced vascular ultrasound imaging services to local physicians and hospitals in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

Our goal is to provide fast and accurate ultrasound services and results while saving the patient and the referring provider time and expense.


We utilize the G.E. Vivid i ultrasound system to meet the imaging needs of today’s complex studies. The Vivid i builds on the many innovative features and technologies of the Vivid line with performance, quantitative analysis tools, and a wide range of applications. The Vivid i is the first new-generation portable ultrasound machines that provides great penetration, image quality, and stress echo capabilities, while also performing like a console-based cardiology machine.


Doctors love its image quality for cardiac, vascular, venous, small parts, and a variety of images requiring excellent near-field imaging as well as penetration for deep tissue or difficult-to-image patients.

The Advantage of Ultrasound Over MRI

One of the big advantages of ultrasound over MRI is the ability to perform dynamic testing.  In a MRI, the patient has to remain very still, with ultrasound one can actually put the patient under stress and see what the tissues and blood flow do under stress. The ultrasound examination is dynamic because it can be performed as follows:

This is something that MRI cannot do.

Our Ultrasound System

The GE Vivid i ultrasound system.

ultrasound machine

Routine Ultrasound's Performed

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