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Why Advanced Patient Imaging?

Advanced Patient Imaging has a new vision for the delivery of medical imaging in the emerging healthcare market of the 21st century.  Our goal is straightforward.  We have a genuine desire to deliver the best medical imaging services, at the lowest cost, without losing focus on the patient.


Healthcare costs have risen dramatically over the last several years and we understand the burden this places on the average family.  By developing a business model with a strong emphasis on low overhead cost, we are able to pass on a significant savings to everyone regardless if they are uninsured or have insurance coverage.

Medical Imaging Costs

Charges for a single MRI exam vary widely across the country.  Currently, the average cost for an MRI nationwide is around $2,400.  This price rarely includes the radiology report fee, which increases the overall price on average of $265 per exam.  Many hospitals and outpatient diagnostic centers can charge whatever they want, and in most cases they don’t have to justify prices or even disclose them ahead of time.


Additionally, many insurance policies only cover medical imaging up to 50%, which means your out-of-pocket cost can still be substantial. If you use an HSA or are uninsured, you’re using your own money to pay for services… so getting the most affordable care is important.  At Advanced Patient Imaging our prices are all inclusive with no hidden fees.  You always know your out-of-pocket expenses before the procedure.


Any MRI Exam - $395.00

Only Advanced Patient Imaging offers a fixed, all inclusive price of $395.00 for any MRI exam.  This price includes the scan, contrast (if ordered), a copy of your exam on a CD-ROM and professional interpretation from a board-certified radiologist within 24 hours.

You Compare And Decide

Average Cost of an MRI for Self-Pay Patients in Cincinnati
ProviderLumbar Spine w/o ContrastBrain w & w/o ContrastRadiologist Fee Included
Mercy Health $905.00 $1,358.00 No
ProScan$540.00 $1,080.00 Yes
TriHealth $656.00 $708.00 No
UC Health $1,452.00 $2,092.00 No

*The hospital prices above reflect the 40% discount offered by each hospital off the charges listed on each hospital’s website for self-pay patients.  The price above for ProScan reflects the 10% discount offered to self-pay patients.  Sources: Pricing is based on information provided by each facility website.  Effective dates are as follows: Mercy Health, January 1, 2014; ProScan, April 1 2014; TriHealth, July 1, 2014; UC Health, July 1, 2014.


Real Savings for Patients

Since the Affordable Healthcare Act implementation, there has been a lot of confusion as people try to understand the actual cost of their  new premiums and deductibles. Private health insurance companies’ responses have only added more confusion to the situation. 

Sadly, many individuals and families are experiencing a drastic increase to their out-of-pocket expenses related to out of control healthcare cost. 


high cost of imaging


Something Had To Be Done

In response to this new and confusing time in our healthcare delivery system, Advanced Patient Imaging used our knowledge and experience gained over decades of providing specialized quality medical imaging to build a new financially-affordable model.   

While maintaining the highest level of quality, we offer each and every MRI scan for the same price, which has never been seen before in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

What We Offer

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